Universal microphone stand adapter for iPad

Guitar Jam Tracks + iKlip

The perfect accessory for Guitar Jam Tracks! The iKlip will securely fix your iPad to any stand, letting you use Guitar Jam Tracks comfortably at home or at the jam spot. I prefer to practice standing up, and this little gadget is essential for letting me do that without risking my iPad falling down. It is the first and best iPad stand on the market.

IK Multimedia introduces iKlip™ — a multi-angle lightweight iPad microphone stand adapter. Whether you are using Guitar Jam Tracks or any of your favorite music apps, the iKlip is an awesome tool to have around. We at Ninebuzz use and love the iKlip as it helps us test and develop our products in a professional, reliable way. We also use it when we are simply jamming out. Check it out here.

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  • ~ “Love It.”

    ""This app is my friend he never gets tired he likes to play rhythm all the time and in any key he is nice..." ~ 5 Stars, Jimborata"

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